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Top 6 Habits That Are Prematurely Aging Your Skin

Top 6 Habits That Are Prematurely Aging Your Skin

If you’re in your late 30s or early 40s and are already seeing fine lines, you may be concerned, and rightly so. That’s because you still feel too youthful, too vibrant to be having wrinkles on your face. This is premature aging.

Unfortunately, premature aging is often due to bad habits that we didn’t really give much thought to. These things damage the skin and can nullify the effects of one’s skincare regimen.

So here are some bad habits that may be culpable for your premature skin aging.

1. Excessive and frequent alcohol use

Frequent alcohol use poses a serious threat to your health, internally and externally. In fact, alcohol is an aggressive compound that can destroy skin health by robbing it of hydration and Vitamin A, an essential antioxidant.

You don’t have to stay off alcohol; in short, moderate use is recommended. Just ensure you take a lot of water, stay active, and eat well.

2. You spend too much time in the sun

While sunbathing and tanning are excellent, you should avoid doing so without applying sunscreen repeatedly for as long as you are under the sun. The sun’s UV rays damage skin cells and cause premature aging. So you either limit your time under the sun, or if that’s not an option because of your job nature, use products that protect your skin against UV rays.

Use vitamin C supplements alongside sunscreen of at least SPF 30, regardless of skin color.

3. You sleep with makeup on

If you often get home tired and sleep with your makeup on, you might have been damaging your skin without knowing. Leaving dirt and those chemicals trapped in your skin all night long is harmful. So it’s always best to wash off before bedtime.

4. You overeat sugary foods

Health resources always condemn excessive sugar consumption. Interestingly, it’s not only associated with chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Simple sugars attach to proteins in the bloodstream and damage collagen and elastin, causing your skin to lose elasticity. And premature aging occurs gradually.

5. You don’t see any need to manage stress

If you’re often under a lot of stress, it might have contributed to your premature skin aging. Research shows that prolonged stress can cause inflammation and skin wrinkling.

So if this is you, prioritize self-care. Take time out to manage your stress levels through meditation, breathing techniques, etc.

6. You’ve neglected collagen

Research shows that collagen production wanes dramatically in your early 30s. So if you’ve not artificially replenished it as you approach 40, you might develop wrinkles pretty fast, even though you’re on a skincare routine.

What you can do

If you’re already experiencing premature aging, you can clear off your slate, so you begin observing the correct skincare practices. Luckily, insights show that facelift surgery by Dr. Matthew White has been able to reduce or even eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate aging skin. Once you’ve gotten the procedure, ensure you have these habits in mind to avoid exposing your now-youthful skin to damage again.

Wrapping up

The skin is the largest organ and is sadly also the most exposed. It, therefore, requires proper and consistent attention to make sure it looks attractive and glowing for decades to come.

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