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Easter: As Described by Kids

Easter: As Described by Kids

Sometimes, it’s interesting to hear directly from children. Often, their unique perspectives cause us to think differently about things we take for granted. For instance, holidays. With both St. Patrick’s Day and the Easter season already here, we thought it might be fun to ask some local youngsters for the first thing that comes to mind when they think of Easter. 

Today, we share a few comments from local Delta area kids, who tell us their very favorite things about celebrating Easter. Sometimes their comments are comical, sometimes wise, sometimes sweet, but all are worthy of being shared. We hope something in here will either make you smile or help you recall the days when you were a kid, enjoying all that Easter has to offer. 


“I like the time spent with my family.” 

— Emma Spinks, Age 12, from Cleveland 


“I like singing songs about Easter and getting chocolate eggs!” 

— Sophie Owens, Age 5, from Greenwood 


“Celebrating God dying on the cross!” 

— Langdon Dyksterhouse, Age 6, from Greenwood 


“I love spending time with my family. I also love all the chocolate. Getting out of school is nice too!” 

— Haley Jones, Age 10, from Grenada 


“I like the Easter eggs!” 

— Reeves Newcomb, Age 4, from Grenada 


“Jesus dying on the cross to save me from my sins. I like the money eggs, too!” 

— Nelson Kelly, Age 6, from Greenwood 


““I really like hunting easter eggs with my cousins. I like the surprise in the eggs. Never know what you will get!” 

— Cora Kelly, Age 4, from Greenwood 


“My favorite thing about Easter is Jesus. He has saved me, and we get to celebrate that!” 

— Jane Kimmel Buford, Age 8, from Greenwood 


“I like the money from the easter eggs. I get to buy candy with it!” 

— Stella Buford, Age 4, from Greenwood 


“I like finding the eggs!” 

— Whitt Hodges, Age 5, from Greenwood 


“I love dyeing Easter eggs!” 

— Hannah Grace Hodges, Age 7, from Greenwood 


Lindsey Kelly is a trained chef who teaches Culinary Arts at Grenada Career and Technical Center. She lives in Greenwood with her husband and two children.

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