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5 Successful Tips for Child Support Negotiation

5 Successful Tips for Child Support Negotiation

The nature and factors surrounding child support can prove confusing and complicated to involved parties. While several aspects determine the outcome of the child support agreement, a lot hinges on the child support negotiation process. However, child support negotiation is not always a smooth and fast process. Talks stall, and things can take an unwanted trajectory. In this regard, we have compiled some tips for a successful child support negotiation.

Control your Emotions

One common trigger of a failed child support program is emotions between the “payor spouse” and the custodian. It is natural to get upset and angry when things don’t work out. However, keep in mind that the child support negotiation aims to give the best for your child. Therefore, keep your cool and convince the other partner why you need to put your differences aside. If you hit an impasse due to emotions, consider visiting a qualified therapist to assist in ways to control your emotions or that of the other partner. Also, avoid thinking that the child support award is going to advantage the custodial parent. Just think of it as the best deal for your child.

Understand your State Law

Different states have different child support laws, and it is important to understand them because they affect the outcome. Often, states have a predefined formula to calculate the child support award. You can speak to an expert in divorce mediation who will help in the process. They are the professionals when it comes to understanding local child support laws and ways to an amicable resolution out of court. You can also visit the local state court website or just conduct some research to get more knowledge on the same. The beauty of this is that you will become more prepared and in a better position to negotiate a favorable deal.

Know Each Other’s Income

Income is a fundamental factor in calculating the child support award. It is a no-brainer that accurate income information from both parties is crucial for a favorable child support value. Different states probably have a different definition of income and the formula used to arrive at the child support award. There are different ways to generate sources of income, but factors such as salary, compensations, and bonuses are often used in the calculations. Although it is not easy to obtain income information from your partner, do not bow into the agreement until you are satisfied with their income disclosure.

Come with a Number in Mind

Although it appears trivial, coming for child support negotiations prepared with a number simplifies the negotiations than you would expect. It is better to start from somewhere than to start from scratch in every negotiation. Come up with a number that makes sense. Do your calculations and put in relevant metrics to give you a figure you can start with. You can also work with your ex to prepare a proposal to lessen the negotiation tussles.

Consider all Child Expenses

Because you probably want to get the deal over the line, you might be tempted to hurry things and forget other child-related expenses. Take time and pinpoint all the child expenses and submit related financial records. Consider expenses such as education, medical bills, house rent, extra-curricular, and the overall cost of living. The list is long. Capturing these expenses is crucial because it helps you arrive at a suitable child support payment accurately.

Final remarks

Child support negotiations can drag for long and give you a rough time. However, the process can become more seamless than ever if you get it right. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help to aid in your child support negotiation process.

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