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Fun Activities In LA To Enjoy With Your Kids

Fun Activities In LA To Enjoy With Your Kids

Los Angeles is one place that will instantly overwhelm you with the number of things it has to offer. LA is one of the world’s famous cities and is home to many billionaires. This city is known for its ethnic diversity, food, bad traffic, and Hollywood. Even if you spend an entire month in Los Angeles, you still are left with so much more to explore. This city has affected the world through movies or TV shows and products exported from LA globally.

Los Angeles is one place that has things to offer to every age group. This article will highlight fun activities that you can do with your kids in LA.


Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, which is the heart of the American film industry. Hollywood is the movie-making city of the world with a famous Hollywood sign. You can take your child there to amp to the actor within them and show them the world-famous blockbuster movie-producing place. You can also take them hiking to the Hollywood sign, which has an incredible view of all of LA. The hike is around 3-4 miles round trip from Lake Hollywood Park. This trip will enhance the love for movies and hiking within your child.

Whale watching

Los Angeles offers the magnificent beauty of the Pacific Ocean. You can take your kid on the LA whale watching cruises and witness various species of whales, dolphins, and sea lions. The most notable is watching grey whale migration which can be experienced from December to April. May through November is when you can witness Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Fin Whales, Minke Whales, and Orcas. This adventure is perfect for every age group and especially for kids.

Walk of Fame

Is the visit to Los Angeles even complete without the Walk of Fame? It is a historical landmark with more than 2700 five-pointed brass stars ingrained in the sidewalk of Vine Street and Hollywood Boulevard. These stars bear the names and achievements of actors, musicians, directors, musical and theatrical groups, fictional characters, and others. The Walk of Fame will motivate your child to achieve something in life and probably help them find an ideal for themselves.

Venice beach

Venice Beach is a unique experience that you and your child can have together. Your child can skate on the walking path along the beach. Venice Beach Boardwalk is filled with shops where you can find local pieces of stuff to shop. You can spend hours watching people skating, watching rollerblade dance sessions, and relaxing. Venice beach is intact with T-shirt stands, pot shops, and questionable street performers, making it an overall adventure for all age groups.


You can take your kids to other places like Descanso Gardens, Los Angeles County Arboretum, Botanic Garden, Griffith Park, tree people, and the Huntington Library. These places will inspire your child and help them develop a hobby. Los Angeles has something to offer for every taste and preference. You can find a ton of gorgeous and fun places for your child’s day out. This city is full of theme parks, clubs, beaches, and outdoor activities, making it the best city worldwide.

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