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Moms, Kids, Cars, and Such: ” I Firmly Resolve with the Help of Thy Grace”

Moms, Kids, Cars, and Such: ” I Firmly Resolve with the Help of Thy Grace”

Greetings, dear readers, in this New Year! 2017! I remember as a child, because I was born in a decade year, counting how old I would be in certain years. The math is unfortunately easier with that zero behind a number. Sheesh! How did I come so far? What happened to those yesterdays? Hello, 2017! How did you get here so fast? Thanks for getting me here as well. I think I like it here.

With a new year upon us and hope before us, here are the resolutions on my mind based upon age and lessons of time and recent events. First, I firmly resolve, after having strapped down, girdled up, powdered, painted, and puffed before Christmas, that I will only endure that tedious suffocation for things and people I truly love. Twisting my tired feet into panty hose and then trying to once again walk in heels had better be a sacrifice for only important people and events! “Pretzel” I don’t do well these days! And to find that dreaded run in the hose afterwards is the supreme annoyance! Nail polish and leg makeup do not work to cover it, just so you know. What we do for love! Let alone the consideration that the sink overflows during the whole process due to faulty memory of closing it to soak jewelry for cleaning! Forget that the electrical appliances are now sitting in water while you sop with towels the water in the new panty hose stocking feet! Gotta love them to do this again!

With that in mind, I firmly resolve to let the sixteen-year-old who dwells within to have more freedom. That girl who loves God and her people, who wants to fly like Peter Pan, who dances in her spirit, is hereby granted permission to show up for roll call each morning and drag me with her into the joy of each day in spite of cranky folks or stuffy surroundings. This is, by God’s Grace, the year we go exploring new possibilities and make a new best friend in each stranger we encounter. This is that year we have anticipated for so long! Woohoo! Do you sense it as well? Let us begin together to again dream that impossible dream and surmount those heights yet explored. This is the day to begin again, to try harder with more joy, to reach the impossible. By His Grace. Amen.

I just love you all to pieces and cannot wait to hear reports of wonderful accomplishments, no matter how small. Write to us at Parents and Kids and tell your sweet victory stories so we can all rejoice together. I can hardly wait to read your reports of Grace resolutions! See you next month, if God says the same.

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