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Consignment Holiday Cash!

Consignment Holiday Cash!

The holidays are here. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra jingle in your jangle? Here’s a great way to turn what might seem to you to be trash into what could be another parent’s idea of treasure. With Christmas already here, paddingyour pockets with a bit of extra funds might be just the thing to consider during this time of year.

Teena Keyes, owner of Monkey Doodles in Laurel, suggests taking your children’s outgrown clothes–and your own, as well–to a nearby consignment shop and collecting some cash.

“You know, tennis shoes and blue jeans are expensive, and because children grow so fast, you can often sell very nice clothes and to make some extra money,” Keyes said. “You can also BUY good clothes for a lot less than normal. I’ve had people come in and buy clothes for an entire season. One mother came in to shop, and left with 150 items.”

If you plan to take clothes to sell, you want to be sure they are in good shape, “unwrinkled and spot-free.”

There are other benefits to cleaning out your closets, too, such as creating extra space and eliminating visual and mental clutter. There’s nothing like the feeling of letting go of the old to make way for the new. Not to mention, there’s the feel-good of knowing someone else will benefit from your previously-owned items at affordable prices.

Often, parents can even find brand new items in consignment shops.

“Sometimes our clothes still have the tags on them,” Keyes said. “You just never know what you’ll find.”

You can google consignment shops near you, but here’s a list of a few located in the Pine Belt. This list will help you get started with clearing out your excess, making a few bucks, and making way for either new items or those soon-to-be-arriving Christmas gifts.


Monkey Doodles, for long-standing quality clothes, shoes and other items. The shop stocks for all seasons, “just in case.”

Teena Keyes

Address: 54 Morrison Drive, Laurel

Phone: (601)577-3807

Email: , Facebook “Monkey Doodles”


JumpIN’ Monkies, for major consignment sales and events “instead of having a garage sale.”

Heather Guy

Phone: (601)850-1282



Play Pen Kids & Maternity Consignment is “geared solely toward kids and maternity clothing, gear and accessories.” Moms can call ahead and make an appointment for drop-off childcare while they shop.

Address: 140 E. Front Street, Hattiesburg Phone: (601)447-0325,


Kids Market features clothes, toys, shoes, children’s gear and electronics. Address: Happens at the Cloverleaf Center

5912 Highway 49, Suite A-3, Hattiesburg


Once Upon a Child, children’s consignment

Address: 4700 Hardy St., Hattiesburg


Elizabeth Phelps was raised on the Gulf Coast. She is a writer, speaker, teacher, and youth program facilitator. She has won awards for writing and inspirational youth programming using the arts.

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