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Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Mr. Scrooge or the Grinch – that’s what my family calls me from October until after Christmas. Frenzied shopping, church plays, parties, parades and sitting on Santa’s lap—whoo! Makes me tired just thinking about it. Although the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be overwhelming, the time spent participating in family traditions and making new memories with your kids are what make Christmas the merriest!

I polled a few Delta moms to find out what their most beloved traditions are.

Emmie: We have a gag gift tradition in our family. When we were little, my dad loved to mess with my cousin Stewart. Stewart is an only child and was a little bit spoiled. He always had to be the one to pass the presents out and he would be really upset if he didn’t have the most. So my dad started wrapping up random things to give him like a can of spam or some cat litter. In return, Stew would try his darnedest to get my dad back with gag gifts of his own but my dad was always ready for it and would catch it before opening whatever it was. They did that for years until Stewart was in high school and our baby cousin Dylan was in elementary and Stewart took on my dad’s role and started the gag gift thing with Dylan. It has continued to be passed down to the younger cousins.

Heather: Since my husband and I have been together (even dating), we always spent Christmas Eve with his family at his parent’s church and then had a lovely party at their home with some of their closest friends. They had this tradition for 20 or so years. I am so glad to have those memories!

Christmas is spent in Clarksdale with my family. We open gifts and then my parents cook venison kabobs, crab stuffed potatoes, salad, homemade rolls. We have had the same menu for 25 so years and I don’t see it changing. As my son gets older, I’m sure my parents will start coming instead of us traveling there.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year but it comes with expectations too. I am so thankful to have in-laws that include my parents and vice versa. It’s hard to let go of old traditions but when the reason is children, you will find that new traditions are just as amazing! Sometimes I wish that it wasn’t as rushed! I love seeing everyone and the joy that Christmas brings!

Robin: As a child, I remember making cookies with my mother at Christmas time, sugar cookies, pecan sandies, date nut clusters, the variety never ended! It’s a tradition I’ve tried to carry on with my daughters—a day covered head to toe in flour and sprinkles as we bake. And eat and eat and eat!


Erin Jacobs is a chiropractor in Greenwood MS where she lives with her three daughters.

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