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Pick A Place: Keeping The Home

This is not the typical Pick A Place column, but in this super busy, activity-heavy, party fantastic time of year, it just may the “permission” that some of you need. Y’all know who you are. Parents, it is okay to Not Do Everything. There are tons of fun things to do and if you like to go-and-do, then by all means, Go And Do! But eventually you’re going to need some downtime, so when you feel the strong desire to quietly reconnect with your family, then it’s okay to say no to some things. No one is going to suffer for not going to the 3rd party this week. Pinky swear! And when you get to sit and watch a holiday movie with the family, enjoying some popcorn and maybe even hot chocolate, it will be worth the effort of turning down that last invitation. Part of the uniqueness of the season are the events like Nutcracker, pictures with Santa Claus, children’s choirs, and seeing the Lights. So, go and do those things that make Christmas come alive. But save some time for your family, too. Y’all deserve it. Really. And from everyone at Parents & Kids Magazine – we wish for you a very happy, peaceful, and love-filled Holiday Season!

Leah Kackley is a mom of three from the Rez/Fannin area. If you have a family-friendly, budget-friendly event coming up, email her at and she might be able to include it in Pick A Place!



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