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“I Love My After-School Activities!”

As a homeschooler, I never know when my school day will end. I could finish work in the morning or the evening, depending on my workload. Despite my inconsistency in finishing school each day, I almost always have time for a few extra-curricular activities. I participate in a swim team and a ballroom dance class, and I occasionally throw knives. 

My most common after-school activity is swimming for Makos, a year-round swim team that meets six days per week. Each day as I walk onto the pool deck, I can smell the chlorine coming off the pool and my swimming equipment. The water is always cold, but I am used to it. My coaches give my group a warm-up set, and once we finish it, we get our main set and about three other sets. Each set is one group of exercises consisting of how far to go, what time to make, and which stroke to do. The main set is the most difficult, and it is usually designed to improve our stamina. My favorite stroke is called butterfly, and it is the most tiring stroke for most swimmers. I love it because, while it is challenging to go long distances doing butterfly, it is also invigorating in shorter lengths.

My favorite extra-curricular activity is a ballroom dance class that I take during the school year. It is a weekly class each Friday that starts at 11:00 a.m. and ends at noon. I must work ahead every week to attend ballroom dance class, but it is worth it. My classmates and I usually have time to mingle before class begins. I have had some fantastic conversations while waiting for class! My teachers are wonderful people, and they make classes so much fun! My favorite dance is swing, which is by far the most common dance that we do in class. We do it in almost every class! I love swing dancing because it is straightforward to learn, but you can add a ton of flair and style to it once you know the basic step. Ballroom is super fun, and it is my favorite after-school activity!   

My most interesting after-school activity by far is knife throwing. Knife throwing seems complicated, but it is easy to learn how to do it if you have a good teacher. Whenever I go knife throwing, I head into my backyard and face our shed, which I have stacked plywood against to make a target. From there, I get into the proper stance, line up my arm, and throw the knife! I love knife throwing because it is excellent exercise, it helps with hand-eye coordination, and it is very satisfying to hear the knife hit the target. In addition, knife throwing sparks great conversations!

I love being homeschooled because I have so much time for after-school things. Sometimes I wish that I went to public or private school because I would have more options for after-school activities, but I am by far satisfied with my own. Swim team is refreshing, ballroom is fantastic, and knife throwing is easy and fun. I love my after-school activities, and I hope you love yours, too!

Anna Box is an eighth-grade homeschooler who enjoys reading and playing the piano.

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