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April 2021 | Central MS

We love our April issue! It’s the one month when we focus on our sweet, fluffy, four-legged family members – our pets! You’ll learn all about the local dog-friendly parks and trails (Mississippi has so many!). You’ll probably even consider getting a pet if you don’t already have one. If you do, blame it on Carrie Partridge, who wrote an excellent article about the benefits of having a pet when raising children. 

As life slowly gets back to normal and COVID restrictions are being lifted, here at Parents & Kids we have our own little milestone to celebrate. You might notice something different about this this issue. Hint: it’s the favorite part of our magazine for many of our readers. Our Calendar! It’s back! The last time we had one in print was back in March 2020 – a whole year ago! For a whole year there simply were no concerts, festivals, movie nights and story time events to share with you. Today, once again we have some great local family events for you. We hope our Calendar will keep growing. Please share if you hear of anything we need to know about: Thanks! 


Dasha Peipon

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