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Magnolia Mama: A New Kind of New Year’s Resolution

A new year is upon us. It’s time for another trip around the sun. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I’m guilty of having good intentions, but being overambitious and unrealistic. 

I’ve made the usual unattainable resolutions in the past — cook dinner more often, drop down to my driver’s license weight, read one classic novel a month, get more sleep, and make a third of the recipes and crafts I’ve pinned on Pinterest.

This year I’m not setting my usual resolutions because the truth is, I’m a mom 

who is tired … and barely surviving some days. No matter what resolutions I make, my year 

will still be full of picky eaters, dirty laundry, sibling fights and science fair projects. 

This is not the year to try to fit into my skinny jeans by drinking two gallons of water a day and going to the exercise class that all my thin friends love. 

This is not the year to try new recipes that my kids will just dump a bottle of ketchup on. 

This is also not my year to volunteer at school or join a book club. 

This is my year to embrace my messy house and never-ending laundry. 

This is my year to heat the chicken nuggets, and to stockpile ketchup. 

This is the year of realistic resolutions: 

1. I will be more patient with myself. 

2. I will stop wasting so much time on Instagram and Facebook, and if I pin something on Pinterest, I fully accept the fact that I will never craft, cook or decorate said pin. 

3. I will skip an episode on HGTV or an episode of the Real Housewives and go to bed earlier. 

4. I will find some balance in my life and do more things for me. 

5. I will be grateful for, and not embarrassed by, whatever ends up on my family’s 

dinner table. This isn’t going to be the year I introduce my kids to kale and Bento boxes. 

6. Finally, I will be more supportive of my fellow moms. Society is hard on moms, but this year I will be the cheerleader for all of us: the moms killing it, and the moms barely staying afloat. I see you all and I am here for you.  

The bottom line is my kids don’t need a mom who looks great in Lululemon leggings, or a mom who makes holiday gift bags for all the kids in class. They need an imperfect mom, who shows up and does her best.

So this year, join me in giving yourself a break. 2020 taught us lots of things, but the 

biggest thing it taught me was that some years we are meant to simply survive, and survival is 

different for everyone.

Cheers to 2021, a year of patience, self-kindness, messy houses, frozen dinner, and lots of ketchup!

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