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Top 5 Items to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Top 5 Items to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Your due date is coming closer and closer, and you probably have a checklist of things that need to be done before your little one makes their big arrival. One of the things that should be at the top of your list is preparing your hospital bag!

It’s good to have your hospital bag packed and by the door or in your car well before your due date, at least a month in advance. If there are any surprises and your baby decides to come early, you don’t want to be scrambling to get everything together. Take a look at our top five must-have items to include in your hospital bag!

1. Essentials for Mom

Everything is about the baby right now, but don’t forget to pack the essentials for yourself, as well! Be sure to pack shampoo, conditioner and soap. You’ll also want hair ties and bobby pins to keep your hair out of your face, as well as a tube of your favorite chapstick. Pack your favorite pajamas and socks, as well- comfort is key during your time in the hospital, and having something cozy and familiar is sure to help!

2. The Right Clothing for Your Baby

You don’t need to pack a ton of clothing for your little one, but the clothing that you do pack should be easy to put on and take off. We love these Zipease rompers for newborns. They have a zipper that makes for super simple diaper changes, which is something you will be doing very, very often! We’re sure you have tons of cute stuff for your little one, but you’ll want to be mindful to pack clothing for them that makes your time in the hospital easier.

3. Nursing Supplies

Are you planning on nursing? You’ll want to be sure to pack all of the necessary supplies to make the beginning of your nursing journey a success. Include a nursing bra, nursing pads and a nursing pillow if you have one to keep your little one comfortable during feedings. Not planning on nursing? Not a problem! Talk to your doctor about your desire to pump, or what the best ways are to dry up your breastmilk.

4. Charging Necessities

Perhaps the most often forgotten item when packing to go anywhere is your phone charger. You’ll be at the hospital for at least a day or two and you’ll want a fully charged phone during your stay. Be sure to bring a fully charged portable charger with you, or perhaps an extension cord to ensure you can keep your phone near your bed. You’d be surprised how far away those outlets are!

5. Something to Kill Time

We get it, you’re excited to meet your new little bundle of joy. But it’s very possible that there will be hours and hours of waiting and labor before the big arrival. And even after your baby comes, there’s going to be a lot of snoozing on their part! Be sure to bring something with you to keep you busy when you’re not occupied snuggling your little one. Pack a laptop or tablet so you can binge your favorite show, or bring along a book to read.


Everything about the arrival of your little one is pretty exciting. However, it’s important that you take the time to properly prepare for your time in the hospital so that it can be as enjoyable as possible. As you pack your bag, be sure to consider some of our top essentials!


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