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Top 6 Father Specific Baby Items

Top 6 Father Specific Baby Items

When it comes to stocking up and getting ready for a baby, you probably already have a list that is a mile long. Between the boxes of diapers, onesies and finding the perfect video monitor for the nursery, you have a lot on your mind and are doing your best to check off your list. But what about some fun, father specific baby items to help daddy feel extra special? Take a look at some of our favorite baby and parent items that would be perfect for the dad to be!

1. Masculine Baby Carrier

While most baby carrier companies will do their best to create a carrier that fits both a man’s and a woman’s body, you’ll often find that they’re designed more for a woman. Get dad a baby carrier designed to fit him perfectly! This men’s baby carrier is a great option, comes in various neutral colors, and makes for an easy transition from inward to outward facing. Not only will it fit him well, but he is sure to feel extra cool.

2. Matching Shirt Set

There are plenty of options out there for a fun matching shirt set for daddy and baby. Whether you’re choosing a fun Papa Bear and Baby Bear set or speaking to his nerdier side with something from Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings, he’s sure to love the set and want to wear it over and over.

3. Dad-Focused Baby Books

Reading is something that you can start with at an early age, and stocking up on some dad-focused books is a great way to establish a love of reading with your little one, as well as a love for her daddy. From short board books to longer form stories, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to baby books about dad. Choose your favorites and add them to the bookshelf!

4. Skin-to-Skin Shirt

It has been proven time and again that skin-to-skin contact is an incredible way to establish a bond with your baby. Getting a special skin-to-skin shirt for the new dad would be a meaningful gift that encourages him to schedule out time for those special bonding moments. There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from- pick one that fits his style.

5. Formula Dispenser

We’ve all been there- it’s the middle of the night, your baby wakes up ready for a bottle, and you’re left bumping around in the kitchen trying to prepare for his midnight feeding. Make things a bit simpler for dad by gifting a formula dispenser! These nifty gadgets make nighttime feedings simple by prepping a perfectly warm bottle instantly. It’s a total game changer, and one that dad is sure to love.

6. Bluetooth Video Baby Monitor

There’s a certain level of peace of mind that comes with being able to keep an eye on your little one. Having a Bluetooth video monitor helps dad to be able to watch the baby while they’re sleeping right from his phone. There are even monitors that you can attach to your baby’s foot to monitor her oxygen levels, heartbeat, etc.

The Perfect Gift For Dad

Whatever gift you decide to get for the dad to be, you can never go wrong with something that will add meaning and simplicity to his life. Whether you go for the comfy baby carrier or the sleek formula dispenser, there are plenty of options that will make for the perfect gift for the dad to be!

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