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Belhaven University’s Free Masters Degrees

Belhaven University’s Free Masters Degrees

This past week, ahead of its reopening, Belhaven University announced that all traditional full-time students currently enrolled are eligible to receive a free master’s degree through any of Belhaven’s online study programs. This announcement comes just a year after Belhaven also made the promise of a free fifth year for any students wishing to double major. Dr. Roger Parrott, the president of the university, released a letter to all students and faculty explaining how this is the university’s plan to combat the anxiety/changes that might be affecting students coming into this school year. The reason behind this free master’s degree is to give students hope and motivation to keep going through this year of changes. Dr. Parrott praised the offer in his letter, saying, “I’m thrilled we can be the only university in America responding to Covid-19 with such an innovative solution that will propel our students academically and in their future careers.”

Some of the degrees of study include a Business Administration track with individual specializations, a Master of Science in Leadership, a Master of Health Administration, a Master of Art in Teaching and many more degrees to chose from. All Belhaven asks is for students to pay for their textbooks and other class materials they might need. The degrees being offered online, so they can be studied from anywhere at any time. The flexibility is perfect for future graduates from the university who might be working while continuing their education. All of the degree options are listed on Belhaven’s website, as well as the qualifications for students to receive their free degree.

Students are ecstatic about the opportunity. Who could deny a free master’s degree now with everyone’s pockets a little tighter and much uncertainty in the job market? “I’m really pumped about it because I really wanted a Master’s of Theology and this opportunity will allow me to get it for free so I can start saving up for my Doctorate in English,” says Sarah Warren, a senior, double major from Louisiana. Some students do wish the free master’s applied to more people. Sophomore Trevor Gartman said, “It’s a great offer, but I wish they had it for students who were doing a mix of online and in person classes this semester.” Still, students are receiving the offer well and morale has certainly improved coming into this school year.

Online degrees are more beneficial than ever now. They are versatile for people who need to work and study and for people who need to travel, as well as those who are choosing to stay at home due to COVID 19. As Dr. Parrott wrote in his letter, “You can complete your master’s degree from wherever the Lord might take you,” and there is a high chance online education may become the new normal in America for a few years. Belhaven’s steps towards putting a positive spin on our current situation should inspire other schools to create incentives for students to keep working hard and to get the most out of their education.


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