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COVID-19 Stories: Watershed Counseling Associates, PLLC

How has COVID-19 affected your business or organization? And what are you currently doing differently because of it?

We are continuing to offer quality counseling services from our team of Licensed Professional Counselors. We are offering TeleMental Health services for those who are not comfortable with face to face services.  For those clients who want to come into the office we are taking precautions such as social distancing and requiring face coverings in the waiting rooms and other trafficked areas by the public.  We are asking anyone with COVID symptoms to refrain from coming to the office. We also have implemented policies within our group of counselors to uphold the best standards of practice to protect the public from exposure and provide timely relaying of information to the public in the event of a credible exposure if one is determined to have occurred. It is our aim to continue to provide the best counseling services while also protecting the public that we serve in responsible and compassionate ways during this COVID pandemic season.

What would you like us to share with our audience about your organization?

Watershed Counseling Associates, PLLC is a private practice group of Licensed Professional Counselors that provide a variety of counseling services including individual, couple, family and marriage counseling. Each of the counselors at Watershed are highly trained and experienced and collectively as a practice we can help address  issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, anger management, relational conflict and dissatisfaction, sexual addiction, female and male sexual dysfunction, alcohol and substance abuse, children and teenager issues, parenting, premarital and several others. Please check out our website to learn more at

Location: Jackson, MS

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