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COVID-19 Stories: Madison Marketplace

How has COVID-19 affected your business or organization? And what are you currently doing differently because of it?

We have always posted our gifts, clothes, jewelry, food items and all on Facebook and Instagram!!! During this time we have a lot of phone calls and messages about how to purchase our products!!!

We have been (and are still ) Offering curbside pickup , free local delivery and shipping!!! We want  to make the process as easy And safe as possible for our customers!!! We take orders over the phone or through our Facebook and Instagram!!! We gather all purchases together, (we offer beautiful complimentary gift wrapping if requested ) bring to our customers curbside or deliver locally!!! We appreciate all our wonderful customers!!! Thank you so much for shopping with us!!!

What would you like us to share with our audience about your organization?

We disinfect and clean our shop throughout the day!!! We offer masks and hand sanitizer to all our customers to purchase or use while shopping!!! We limit the number of Customers in our shop and keep safe distance while shopping!!! We want to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible!!!

Location: Madison, MS

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