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Ways YOU Can Get Involved in Public School Education in Jackson

Ways YOU Can Get Involved in Public School Education in Jackson

There’s anxiety and fear we can read in each other’s faces now that school year is beginning. There are so many unknowns and so little we control. It doesn’t mean we cannot do anything to help and relieve some of the pressure. Below is a special message from Thea Faulkner, Director, Partners in Education – Jackson Public Schools with an update from Jackson’s public schools and suggestions on practical, effective ways any citizen can help – YOU can help. Get involved and make changes happen. Let us not let fear and anxiety paralyze us and prevent us from doing what is right.

Thea Faulkner, Director, Partners in Education – Jackson Public Schools

Jackson Public Schools will open August 17. The fall semester will be completed 100% virtually. Children will need school supplies in their homes. We are getting an Adopt-A-Teacher model going, and we are really being very deliberate about matching community resources with school-specific needs.

It is now more important than ever for our Jackson community, including churches and businesses, to come together to ensure that our children have what they need to complete a successful school year.

I continue to say, ‘This is an unprecedented situation, requiring an unprecedented response!’ We can unite and work together to support our scholars and their families, to build a community around our children that says , ‘It’s not about me, but we.’

If you would like to become a Community Partner, or to invest your time, talent or treasure, please register your name, organization and email at this link:

We have created an electronic document to inventory school specific needs, and will be in touch to inform you of where and how you can make a difference!

– Thea Faulkner, Director, Partners in Education – Jackson Public Schools


Other ways to get involved

Before change can happen, somebody has to imagine what that change looks like. At the Community Foundation for Mississippi, we are engaged in world building, imagining what is possible for public life, education, community development, arts and culture, and other areas of charitable philanthropy in Jackson and Mississippi, with our partners and investors.

If you are for Mississippi for GOOD, get involved with volunteer opportunities through our statewide partner Volunteer Mississippi MSHUBNETWORK.COM

If you are interested in creating something that lasts FOREVER, contact us to become part of our Legacy Circle or to discuss a Planned Gift

Learn more about how to become involved with a new civic covenant and a shared vision for our Capital City, through a Public Innovators Virtual Lab with The Harwood Institute When we engage in reimagining public life, anything is possible!

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