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Trying to Keep Your Child’s Mask in Place?

With children either returning to face-to-face classes or simply needing to leave the house occasionally, you may need to secure the masks in a way where they won’t accidentally fall on the ground. Whether your child needs to remove the mask to eat or take a break from the mask in the car, read on.

One popular idea is to purchase a lanyard. Some adults are using these, too. Some adults thread a string/shoelace/fabric through a pony bead or cord lock which can be loosened when the mask needs to drop down. I have not tested this size cord lock. You may need a larger size. My personal preference is to not have the mask hang down very low where it can potentially rub up against a table/desk during a meal.

I learned the hard way — thick shoelaces are too hard to thread through a pony bead. Perhaps try a flat shoelace or strip of an old t-shirt for your fabric. Alternatively, skip the bead/cord lock completely and just tie string to the ear loops. Or use a mask that goes around the full head so it hangs around the neck when pulled down. The bonus of the cord lock/pony bead is to keep the pressure off the ears when it is behind the head. It pulls the ear loops away from the back of the ears. You can also slide the bead/lock to an adjustable length. The knot at the bottom ensures the bead won’t fall off completely. If you have extra elastic, try that as a strap. If you have a spare eye glasses strap you could try hooking that through the ear loops. Experiment and find the best method for your child.

Pictured: Old Navy mask, shoelace, pony bead (pink strap pictured used only to hold glasses in image).

Note: if your school district requires a 3-ply mask, the Old Navy masks are 3-ply.


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