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COVID-19 Stories: Jackson Education Support

How has COVID-19 affected your business or organization? And what are you currently doing differently because of it?

Jackson Education Support was launched in 2012. The mission is to develop more independent learners of all ages. Specialty areas include character strengths, literacy, math, science, and Google for Education tools. We provide online and in-person solutions for educators, learners and their families. The outcome is that clients confidently transition into more challenging environments.

The COVID-19 pandemic has most certainly reduced our impact since Spring Break 2020. School closings and statewide stay-at-home orders highlighted the severity of the situtation. Though educational services are widely viewed as essential, it became clear that protecting the health of current clients weighed more heavily than profits. Consequently, all programs were sunsetted. Former clients were not allowed to return, and new clients were turned away.

Now, we know a little more about the virus: how it spreads, infection rates, recovery rates, preventative measures. Jackson Education Support improved programs with this information in mind. We know that no plan is fullproof, still we developed a mitigation plan to screen and protect clients.

Virtual learning options are growing in popularity, and Jackson Education Support stands ready to address achievement gaps. Study Spot is a community enagement effort that gives parents peace of mind and allows classroom teachers to focus on instruction. Study Spot members enjoy access to technology, dependable internet connection, and real-time technical support from an education professional. Members may also bring their own technology. Joining is easy. Parents can access the application form by visiting the website:

Some parents have decided to keep kids home. Homeschool Partnership is an opportunity for families to bring in a subject matter expert to provide (or supplement) learning plans via socially-distant in-person instruction and safe online instruction. Parents pursuing homeschooling are encouraged to visit the website and schedule the performance assessment:

We have received input from medical professionals about the mitigation plan to screen and protect clients. Their feedback makes us confident about re-opening the learning center to new and former clients. We believe coronavirus does not have to become an education crisis, and we’re doing our part to support the efforts of families and local school districts.

Additional educational services and products available. For more information on Jackson Education Support services, call 601-724-2152 or visit the website.

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