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COVID-19 Stories: Pump It Up

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What to know before attending a kid’s birthday
Four Considerations: Pump It Up vs. Other Jump Parks
1. Safety – comfortable and confident
100% private parties at Pump It Up allow you to avoid worrying about crowded venues where kids can wander off
2. Cleaning Procedures – frequent and limited contact
With 100% private parties, you control who your kid comes into contact with, plus strict cleaning procedures between each event helps keep kids healthy
3. Special Socks – wear your own
Pump It Up allows you to stay comfortable in your own socks, no forced fee
4. Kids drop off – peace of mind
Pump It Up party pros assisting with supervision takes the stress out of keeping an eye on all the children so you can relax and enjoy special moments
These tips should help you feel more prepared and make the party more enjoyable for everyone! Check out our blog for more details.

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