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Camp YouTube

Camp YouTube

Now that it’s summer, kids need even more ways to entertain themselves, and unfortunately a number of summer camps will not be reopening for the time being. In response to this, families and companies from all across the world have created a series of videos that include a number of activities and art projects for parents to do with their children this summer. The program is titled Camp YouTube, and it is run by a collaborative effort of YouTube creators and a number of learning resource companies including NatGeo,, Imagination Library and Khan Academy. Even Sesame Street is playing its part in filling this web page jam-packed with fun videos for kids.

The videos are divided into four folders: Stem, Arts, Sports, and Adventure. The videos are then sorted into age groups to make sure a child searching for a subject finds an age-appropriate, relevant video. Parents must sign their child up for YouTube Kids to be able to use Camp YouTube and can alter what kind of content is presented to the child.

The videos are easy to navigate through and will likely keep a child entertained for some time. The service is free and is full of great content by some well-known names. With the help of Camp YouTube, children will be able to keep learning important life skills and having fun in the safety of their own home. They may even find a new hobby! The possibilities are endless, and this solution is proving to be a great idea to combat the boredom that many children across the world are facing right now.

For more information about Camp YouTube, check out the official webpage:


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