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July 2020

Letters from our Editors

The new school year is fast approaching and parents are still facing lots of unknowns. The situation is evolving (aren’t you tired of hearing this?) and though we know school will not be what it used to be, we can only hope for a familiar, more normal format. We cannot change the circumstances, but we can adjust our attitude. Instead of feeling anxious and spreading it on to our children, we can try to stay positive and make the best of it. 

If your students are required to wear face masks, find the cutest and the most stylish masks available. Let them pick their favorites! If you’ll be doing school from home two days a week, make those days something they look forward to all week! Have your children do work in their pajamas, or picnic-style in your backyard. Plan a field trip somewhere the school would never take them. Have fun and make memories.

Let’s take it one step at a time. One breath at a time. We’re in this together. And it will be ok. 

Yours, Dasha


As we continue to weather the storm known as 2020, we grow in knowledge and experience. If there’s ever been a year for learning as parents, it’s been this one! Many of us have never spent so much time considering germs…or learning about finances…or devising new ways to keep our kids busy. With every step backwards into uncertainty, wise parents have taken two steps forward in preparing for what the future holds. As we face the storms ahead — the 2020 Hurricane season, the remainder of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the everyday storms of parenting — we at Parents & Kids trust that Mississippi parents will be true survivors. We hope this issue helps you prepare better than ever for the future of your family.



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