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MS Barbers Train to Become Mental Health Advocates

MS Barbers Train to Become Mental Health Advocates

The Confess Project has made its way to Jackson. Barbers that cater to black men are learning how to look for signs of depression in their clients. Many men in this demographic are expected to be stoic. They may not seek out therapy, but they will go to the barber shop. A survey said that 58% of men in their program would like to receive mental health help in a barber shop rather than another location. The main goal is to build a relationship, help clients open up, validate their emotions, and help them become a better version of themselves. Lorenzo Lewis, founder and CEO, grew from his personal journey and decided to reach out to others. WJTV recently ran a story about MS barbers receiving free training. The program is offered to barbers in Southern and Midwestern regions.


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