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Family Mental Health Livestream with Brenna Weaver

Feeling Stressed Out?

A Mississippian advises families on stress, news overload, and how to talk to your children about Black Lives Matter in an age appropriate way.

Even if you’re not feeling it, there is probably a lot more stress in your life than this time last year. Between Covid-19 closures, missed summer plans, uncertainty about school next fall, and our nation being in the midst of significant social change, not to mention possible economic hardship, you have a lot to be stressed about. Put on top of that our national obsession with 24 hours a day news and it is no surprise that many families are struggling—especially with how to talk meaningfully about all these things to their children.

Jackson, Mississippi, licensed therapist, Brenna Weaver, of Dea Dean LPC, shares with our audience some concrete tips about dealing stress. Additionally, she helps parents discover constructive, compassionate ways to discuss Black Lives Matter in an age-appropriate manner. Please join us, and share, this important conversation.



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