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Students are Finding Ways to Fellowship Again

Students are Finding Ways to Fellowship Again

By Micki Brushwood

On Thursday, June 11th a number of colleges from all around the state of Mississippi came together and hosted their first summer RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) meeting since the gatherings had to take a three month pause due to COVID-19. The event was held in the front yard of a local family, the Irelands, who allowed the college students to gather and worship together.

RUF has always been of major importance to the students in attendance, but that night, the emotions and the joy appeared stronger than ever. The students were grateful to see their friends again. It had been too long, and many were ecstatic that the program will be able to resume this summer.

As my roommate and fellow attendee, Sarah Warren, described it, “There’s just no comparison to seeing people in person versus speaking to them on Zoom.”

After months of anxiety and uncertainty, hope was returning for the group even though it looked a little different than it used to. The message was from Revelation 1, and yet it was an encouraging night for everyone involved. Even the mosquitoes stayed away and allowed everyone to worship without distraction. It was a night of beauty and peace, drawing in a large, but safely distanced, group of believers.

Since the first attempt at a summer meeting was a success, the meetings will continue every Tuesday starting on June 23 at 7:30pm. Different families will be hosting the events at their homes throughout the summer and guest ministers will be coming to preach a new message each week. The members of RUF from colleges and universities all around Mississippi are

excited for what the summer holds as this ministry adapts for new safety measures but brings everyone together once again.

For more information about Reformed University Fellowship, check out the RUF website.

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