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Birthday Fun with Puppies and Kittens in Natchez, MS

Birthday Fun with Puppies and Kittens in Natchez, MS

How about a birthday party, where all you need to provide for exciting entertainment is your backyard and a few water bowls? The party comes with TONS of fun, never-ending giggles, happy sighs of delight, and hearts filled with pure joy. Sounds pretty perfect, right?

The Natchez-Adams County Humane Society came up with a special offer for families. Here is what they recently shared on their Facebook page:

Does your little girl or little boy love kittens and puppies??? Would they LOVVEEE to have a birthday party with all of our kittens and puppies??? We are excited to offer our sweet babies for your sweet babies’ special day!

Here’s how it works. We will bring kittens, puppies (or both!) for two hours to your party location for a small fee, in hopes that the kids have a blast and MAYBE some of our babies find their forever home! WIN WIN!!!! Shoot us a message and lets plan a party!!!

If you’re interested, send them a message via Facebook or call 601-442-4001.

The Natchez-Adams County Humane Society’s mission is to humanely care for homeless and neglected animals, to promote adoption of shelter animals, and to educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering pets. Adopting a shelter pet saves a life. Fees have been kept to a minimum: Dogs $75, Cats $50.

Location: 475 Liberty Rd
Natchez, Mississippi
For more info or to see all the animals available for adoption visit and follow NACHS on Instagram @nachs.shelter

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