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Eighth Graders Donate Field Trip Money to Navajo Nation

Eighth Graders Donate Field Trip Money to Navajo Nation

Eighth-grade students from Waldorf School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, had fundraised for a rafting trip. Due to Covid-19, the trip was canceled. Jess Falkenhagen, parent, knew that the Navajo Nation had been greatly affected by the pandemic. Read how the students used the money to help.



Also in the Navajo Nation, many elderly are making and selling rugs for their livelihood. Read this message from the Adopt-An-Elder facebook page if you are interested in helping.

“If you are not a weaver but would like to donate yarn for an Elder who weaves to help them sustain themselves, you can do that here:…/list/Order-For-Your-Elder/yarn-box

If you leave the Elder’s name line blank we will assign your yarn donation to an Elder in need of yarn.”

Alternatively, general donations can be made here.


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