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Makers in Their Spaces: Enrika Williams

Makers in Their Spaces: Enrika Williams

Ready for another Makers in Their Spaces? Our next maker is Ey Williams, Mississippi born and raised chef and owner of Fauna Foodworks, a culinary food lab which produces thoughtful, ingredient-driven, bohemian-chic cuisine. Chef Williams creates dishes that are radically vested and expressive in changing conversations and expanding the culinary landscape of the South, and is a culinary experience you can’t miss.

After the release on Saturday, join us on Instagram Live Monday, June 15, at 6 PM (CST)with Enrika Williams with MMA staff Gwen Wilks!

*Makers in Their Spaces is an online program from the Mississippi Museum of Art in which the Museum is connected with a maker to learn more about their practice and how they are drawing inspiration from their space (whether that be physical, emotional, social, or otherwise) during this time. Each installment has a video release and an Instagram Live conversation with the maker.

Check out the facebook event here.


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