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Summer Fun at Camp Bonkers on YouTube

Summer Fun at Camp Bonkers on YouTube

Calling all kids! Camp Bonkers has officially opened for the summer. It is a new digital twist on summer camp, offering kids a safe, interactive and creative space online in the comfort of their own homes.

Developed by Wind Sun Sky, the creative team behind smash hits like Angry Birds, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ice Age and My Singing Monsters, Camp Bonkers goes far beyond the typical content consumed by kids on YouTube.  This creative team made the last-minute decision to offer Camp Bonkers this summer in response to COVID-19 amid preparing the series for a much larger project, coming in 2021. 

Every day at Camp Bonkers is different. Kids can hang out with friends, play games, go on adventures, sing songs, make fun food, conduct a cool science experiment and so much more!

 There are 3 live shows per week at 4:30 pm EST (available later on demand):

–          Make-It-Mondays

–          What-A-World Wednesdays

–          Fun-Time Friday


Additional content is led by the camp counselors as well as a group of special guests including Sparkles and Beaver and Scribbles the Cat.


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