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To Dash or Not to Dash

To Dash or Not to Dash

During the quarantine, when work opportunities became few and far in between, Sasha Donskyi of Northeast Jackson, signed up to be a Door Dasher. The enrollment process was quick and easy: initial application online, background check, and upon approval he received a package from Door Dash – his “red card” and a thermal bag for food deliveries. One last step was downloading the app – and he was ready for his first order!

The new Dasher said he was surprised how easy it was to apply for the job. The only requirements to qualify for the job are having a car with a valid car insurance, a bank account, a smartphone, and a clean background. Oh, and a face mask, of course.

Sasha shared what his favorite part about the job is, “I like that I choose my own schedule. Whenever I have a few hours with no commitments, I just turn on my Door Dash app and wait for that ring, notifying me of available order. And even then, I choose whether to take it or not. On average I get about $10-20 per hour, depending on the number of orders and the distance I travel.”

One of his least favorite parts is delivering orders to apartments. “I am happy to help, and I take the orders wherever they need to go. But I had quite a few mishaps with delivering to apartments. Sometimes the address put into the order is wrong, sometimes the number of the apartment building is missing, sometimes there are gates to get through. It is very time-consuming and a bit stressful, too. I end up having to call the customers directly to figure out how to get to them.”

But overall, Sasha is thankful for the opportunity to earn some cash while helping people who cannot drive themselves for whatever reason. He likes seeing people’s smiling faces when they get their orders. After the pandemic Sasha is planning to continue delivering orders.


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