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What Schools Will Look Like in the Fall

What Schools Will Look Like in the Fall

While we are glad summer is here, it’s hard to enjoy it to the fullest while parents all over the country have the same question on their mind. What will school look like? There is no answer to that question at this point, but the government is busy finding the solution.

Whatever it will look like, we need to prepare ourselves to the fact that it will look different. We will have to be flexible and patient. Of course, our children’s daily schedules will substantially affect our work schedules. So we can hope and perhaps begin the conversation with our employers about the necessary changes in our work schedules as well, so we can accommodate our children’s needs.

While we don’t know the details, we do now know children will return to school campuses throughout Mississippi this fall, but learning may look very different. Many options are still being discussed for what the upcoming fall semester will look like.

State Superintendent Dr. Carey Wright spoke with WLOX Thursday morning, saying the Mississippi Department of Education hopes to roll out its 2020-2021 recommendations by next week.

For more details and insight from Dr. Carey, read WLOX article here.

The CDC has released some guidance for schools across the country, ranging from low-risk to high-risk areas. To read those guiding principles, visit the CDC’s website.


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