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The Mississippi Restaurant Association wants to announce “The Mississippi Restaurant Promise,” a public pledge from local restaurant owners to the Mississippi public, detailing how they will use every necessary safety and sanitation measure as the state reopens dine-in service in order to protect both their employees and their customers.
“Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to enjoy a meal out, and our restaurants are just as ready to serve them. However, given the current circumstances, it has to be done gradually and with great care for the safety of our customers and employees. Our industry is one that already adheres to stringent guidelines for cleanliness and sanitation as set forth by the FDA Food Code. Given the further guidelines set forth by the Governor, restaurants will be even more diligent in providing a clean and sanitary environment. With additional guidelines requiring the use of personal protective equipment, and screening of both employees and customers, the risk of further spread of the virus is being mitigated. The Mississippi Restaurant Promise exemplifies our commitment to public safety while dining out, and asks in turn that customers cooperate in limiting exposure,” said Pat Fontaine, Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association Executive Director.
The Mississippi Restaurant Promise, attached at the bottom, includes the following promises from local restaurants
to the Mississippi public:
  • No tables will have more than 6 people. Parties will stay at least 6 ft. apart at all times.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available to customers & employees. Employees will sanitize hands when they enter the restaurant and between customers.
  • We will disinfect each dining area after every use. We will clean common areas and surfaces regularly.
  • Condiments will be provided on request in single-use portions. We will use disposable menus.
  • We will not leave table settings including dishes, silverware, or glasses on unoccupied tables.
  • All employees must pass a health screening before entering the restaurant
As they prepare to make these extra efforts, the association is also asking for promises in return from their customers that will help keep them and the employees of the restaurants safe and healthy. Those asks include:
  • DISTANCE-Limiting the number in your party. Maintain distance from other parties. Take advantage of hand sanitizing stations. Wear a mask when possible.
  • SELF-SCREEN- If you have had contact with anyone who has COVID-19 or are experiencing fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please do not enter.
  • TAKE CARE- If you cannot enter the restaurant or are concerned about contracting COVID-19, please take advantage of our contact-less ordering options

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