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What to Expect During a Doctor’s Visit

What to Expect During a Doctor’s Visit

We’ve covered Covid-related topics in detail on our website in the past months. But what if your health concern isn’t Covid-related? What should you expect if you have an optometrist or a GI appointment scheduled for next week?


  • Check with your doctor’s office to confirm your appointment before going. Many appointments, if they are not urgent, may be postponed.
  • If you do keep your appointment, you may be asked to come 15 minutes earlier or later. The offices are trying to stretch out time slots between patients to avoid crowding in the waiting rooms.
  • Your doctor’s office may ask you to come alone, unless you need to be accompanied by someone for health reasons.
  • You will most likely be asked to wear a face mask. Make sure you bring one with you.
  • Be prepared to have your temperature checked during initial check-in.
  • If you had a minor surgery planned, it will probably be rescheduled.
  • You can still get blood or any other medically necessary tests done.

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