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How to Reduce Your Smartphone Use While Working From Home

How to Reduce Your Smartphone Use While Working From Home

Have you noticed we’re spending more time than ever on our cell phones during the pandemic? One reason for that is that most people are now home all day. Many of us are working from home, and the lines between work and rest have become blurry. It’s quite easy to get carried away and before you realize it, you’ve been mindlessly scrolling through for an hour. Not for work.

Instead, try to use this precious time to make meaningful connection with your loved ones. In the end, we won’t ever have this time again.

·         Lay the ground rules: Both iPhone/iPad and Android offer ways to monitor how much time is spent on devices. Screen Time (iOS) and Digital Wellbeing (Android) lets you take total control or opt for a lighter touch.

·         Go gray. Switching your display to grayscale or dark mode makes visually intensive content less compelling to look at, making you less motivated to check your phone that lacks stimulating colors.

·         Get rid of distracting apps. Your home screen should only have essentials such as calling and messaging. Any addictive apps like games, social media or streaming apps can be grouped into a folder where it’s harder to open spontaneously.

·         Turn off your notifications. Free yourself from messages, reminders, emails and voicemails that don’t need your immediate attention. Cut unnecessary and distracting buzzes, pings and alerts out of your day.

·         Turn on Airplane Mode. Putting your phone on airplane mode for a few hours each day (or maybe even on the weekends) will allow you to keep your device as a tool for when you need it, without having to constantly respond or react to the buzz of notifications.

·         Unplug and keep it out of sight: It doesn’t hurt to turn off your phone for a couple of hours and keep it out of reach. When there’s no phone in front of you, it’s easier to focus on other things you need to do. Believe me, your phone will thank you too.

Tips by Andrew Moore-Crispin. For more helpful tips visit

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