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Mississippi Delta Faces Covid-19 Challenges

Mississippi Delta Faces Covid-19 Challenges

The Mississippi Delta has always been a place that mingles creativity with insecurity. It’s one of the most important cultural centers of the music world, but is also a place associated with struggle. 

Although the business and social shutdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic have caused grief in all Mississippi communities, recent coverage of the Delta indicates its citizens are being hit particularly hard by the Coronavirus fallout.

According to a recent report in the Clarion-Ledger, testing is happening in the Delta, a rural area that spokesperson for Delta Health Center in Mound Bayou — Denise “Coach” Taylor — described as “often forgotten.” According to the story, the center has been conducting Coronavirus testing in Mound Bayou, Cleveland and Indianola in an effort to help as many needy families as possible to quickly identify the virus.

In addition to the now-increased challenges associated with sourcing quality health resources in the Delta, businesses are affected in ways that may continue once statewide restrictions are fully lifted. In a recent story by Mississippi Today, the impact of Covid-19 is described. Prominent businesses — such as Cleveland’s Delta Meat Market — have scaled down operations and laid off most staff due to the pandemic. 

The story also cites comments by Justin Huerta, owner and operator of both Hey Joe’s and Mosquito Burrito in Cleveland. 

While concerns are valid — particularly by Delta-area restaurants — hopes are high and some are stepping up to the plate to fill in gaps. It might not alleviate the current burdens faced by small businesses, but may aid in keeping Mississippi families afloat while everyone recovers.

Local Delta charities — and those who donate to them — are stepping up during this time of economic uncertainty to provide more help than usual to Delta families. For instance, as reported recently by the Delta Democrat-Times, the United Way of Washington County has received corporate grants/donations specific to Covid-19, allowing it to pair with local food pantry and soup kitchen Hearty Helpings in feeding needy Delta families.

We at Parents & Kids believe in the ability of the Delta to rebound once things get back to normal. We’ll be with Mississippi’s families through it all, providing the support and knowledge that will hopefully create more sound and happier families statewide. Don’t forget: We’re in this thing TOGETHER.

Please continue to follow the PK Cares section of this website, where Parents & Kids will provide updates on both concerns — and bright points — during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Kara Bachman

Kara Bachman is a Managing Editor for Parents & Kids. She's also a book editor, former newspaper reporter, and is author of the humor essay collection, "Kissing the Crisis," which deals with the zanier aspects of parenting, relationships and turning 40. She's read her work on NPR radio and over 1,500 items have appeared in dozens of literary and commercial publications, including The Writer, The Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop, the New Orleans Times-Picayune and, Dogster, Mississippi Magazine, American Fitness and many more. She's a New Orleans native, but lived for over a dozen years on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, including during 2005 when her house was flooded by Hurricane Katrina. She's a mom to two teenagers.

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