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Local Student Makes “Ear Savers” for Community

Local Student Makes “Ear Savers” for Community

Jacob Milner has been making bands on his 3D printer for community members. These bands alleviate pain from elastic straps found on masks that do not rest comfortably on the ears.

I spoke with Jacob’s mother to find out more about him. He is a fifth grader at Madison Station Elementary. When the pandemic hit, he tried hard to find a way to give back. He read articles on the internet on ways to help and saw where “ear savers” could be made to help relieve some of the pain of front line workers. He immediately got to work on his 3D Printer. After some trial and error, he created his first batch and gave them to any medical worker he could find — neighbors, friends, etc. The demand immediately increased. “I have my printer in my room and it takes about 20 minutes per band. It got to where my printer was printing from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed,” Jacob said. As the demand increased, his materials ran low and he began asking for $2 per band to help buy more materials. The demand continued. Since the project was first posted on social media, he has worked tirelessly to meet orders and now customizes them by color by request. “I enjoy giving back to others and especially medical workers. If these bands can help their day get a little better, I feel like this whole project was a success.”

Jacob developed his entrepreneurial skills when he was very young. He began with lemonade/snow cone stands at the age of five. Now, at 11 years old, he owns and operates candy/vending machines at three separate local businesses while also managing a stock portfolio daily. “Having the candy machine business really helped me with staying organized on orders and materials for this project,” Jacob said.

Jacob continues to make the bands and loves receiving the pictures and stories about how they have helped others. If you are interested in ordering, feel free to send an email to

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