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COVID19@Home: A Free Guide for In-Home Coronavirus Care

COVID19@Home: A Free Guide for In-Home Coronavirus Care

With limited resources available for medical care, people are encouraged to stay home if their symptoms are mild, or go to their primary care physician. But how do you know if a trip to the ER is medically necessary? And how do you treat a sick family member with COVID 19 without getting sick yourself? A new online resource should help to make the right decisions, based on your circumstances.

With hospitals under siege by the coronavirus, millions of Americans are home struggling to manage their mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms.

To help them through the pandemic, COVID19@Home has been launched as a clearinghouse of coronavirus resources for the 80 percent of people who are suffering with the illness at home.

The website covers specific topics of importance to individuals who are caring for themselves or a loved one, including how to use a pulse oximeter to track oxygen levels, a key metric for determining when to seek urgent medical attention.

A project developed along with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), COVID19@Home provides people who have COVID-19 useful tips and recommendations directly from physicians. “By providing COVID19@home as a free public resource, we hope to be a steadfast and reliable counterweight to the misinformation that abounds,” says Dr.Torradas. “Smart public health choices will produce better outcomes.”

“People should not hesitate to go to the ER, especially older individuals or those with pre-existing conditions,” says Dr. Vinocur. “But we also need to give people good information to use at home.”

Developed by the Learning Agency, COVID19@Home contains other helpful resources for the public such as checklists and worksheets. The site will be updated over time so that it remains a reliable source of advice and information for at-home COVID-19 care.

“This is a much-needed effort. While people can always be treated in an urgent care or ER, our health systems do benefit when individuals can provide more home health services to those in need during a pandemic,” said Dr. Taliferro.

The resource can be found at Additional ACEP COVID-19 patient resources can be found at

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