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PK Picks: Favorite New Thing

We asked P&K contributors what their favorites were, here are their answers. Maybe some will become your favorites, too.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a video game that runs in real time. You earn bells (money), make friends with other island inhabitants, eventually get to shape the island how you want it.

Bird-watching from my porch! 

It’s so much quieter without all the traffic that I notice the birds a lot more.  I put up some feeders (seed and hummingbird), got a book I’d had for 20 years off the shelf, and started checking out the variety.  Except: you don’t need a book.  A smart phone birding app will do…and they even have bird calls.  Plus it’s a good excuse to just sit still.

Taking Walks

Taking walks around our house. We’ve discovered new trees, bushes, and new paths to take.

Bless Your Rank

It’s a Southern Thing YouTube show. Here is a Playlist of episodes.


My family and I love all things Disney. We love to now have all the Disney movies and shows in one place.


Available to buy digitally from iTunes.

Home Gardening

Tending to our container garden. We are growing cherry tomatoes, red potatoes, strawberries, climbing beans and lots of herbs.

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