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A Guide to a Clean, Connected Cell Phone While Social Distancing

A Guide to a Clean, Connected Cell Phone While Social Distancing

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As the Coronavirus continues to change our everyday lives, chances are that you’re touching your phone more than usual. It’s times like these when you want to stay healthy and be able to stay in touch with the people that matter the most, so having a reliable and clean cell phone is critical.

Andrew Moore-Crispin, Director of Content at Ting Mobile, shares simple measures so your phone stays clean and connected while you’re at home.

  • Properly clean your phone. First, power your device down, unplug all accessories and remove its case. Use disinfecting wipes containing 70% isopropyl alcohol to get rid of germs that have found their way onto your phone or use a spray with a soft cloth to wipe down your device. Make your own cleaner by mixing 60% water with 40% alcohol. Don’t use paper towels or other abrasive materials that may damage your phone
  • Wash your hands frequently. One of the most important steps we can take, handwashing with soap several times a day is the best way to remove and prevent the spread of germs.
  • Avoid sharing your phone with others. Germs can easily spread, and keeping your device to yourself gives you the satisfaction of knowing it is clean.
  • Make sure your device works for the long haul. A recent survey from Ting revealed 79% of people have no idea that the 3G network is being phased out across the country. This can leave you without a critical tool for communication in case of an emergency. Click here for simple steps to enable VoLTE and maintain the integrity of calls on your existing device. You may want to consider upgrading to a modern 4G/LTE phone, many of which are now affordable.
  • Connect your phone to Wi-Fi. Be sure your phone is connected to your home Wi-Fi for a reliable internet connection all day without using up your data. Working from home is a great privilege, and your phone should reap the benefits too!
  • Take screen-free breaks throughout the day. While we heavily rely on our technology during this period, remember to take a break and unplug by spending some screen-free time with family. Your mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical wellbeing.

Ting is an MVNO mobile provider that helps people save money on their cell phone bills by giving them the flexibility to only pay for the minutes, texts and data they actually use each month. They offer brand-name service for less using every major U.S. carrier except AT&T. For more helpful tips, visit

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