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Expert Tips to Optimize Your Cell Phone Bill During Coronavirus

Expert Tips to Optimize Your Cell Phone Bill During Coronavirus

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April is Financial Literacy month—a great time to learn to be financially responsible, reassess your spending habits and see how else you can be smart with your money. This is a worthwhile time for families to improve budgeting skills and optimize their expenses.

One place to start adjusting your expenses is with your monthly cell phone bill. Andrew Moore-Crispin, Director of Content at Ting Mobile, shares his expert tips so you can this monthly expense

  • Consider an MVNO, the secret to brand-name service for less. There are plenty of options today outside of the major U.S. carriers. An MVNO can offer the affordable talk, text, and data you need each month while using network service from the major carriers.
  • Create a budget. In times of financial hardship, creating a budget controls your spending and determines what you deem essential for your cell phone plan.  Many service providers offer online tools to help set limits so you avoid exceeding your data usage and paying more than what your budget allows.
  • Reconsider unlimited data plans and avoid bundles. Being at home during this pandemic likely means you’re connected to Wi-Fi, so your data usage will be low. As enticing as the word “unlimited” sounds, they’re unnecessary now. Also look for providers that offer a flexible pricing model for talk, text and data so you only pay for what you use.
  • Don’t get tied to contracts. Life is fluid and sudden events like the coronavirus can cause your needs to change. You deserve flexibility as you’re cutting back on monthly expenses, so choose a no-contract plan so you don’t deal with fees and penalties.
  • Break the upgrade cycle and keep using your current device. Just because manufacturers release their hottest new phones every year doesn’t mean you have to. If your device is still operating well and doesn’t have issues, that’s hundreds of dollars saved from buying a new phone (and less money to pay on your monthly bill if you’re paying in installments).
  • Control which apps use data. If for any reason you’re not on Wi-Fi, change your app’s background data settings so it doesn’t eat up your data when you’re not actively using the app. You can customize app by app through Setting menus on iPhones and Android devices.
  • Be mindful of your phone use. Trying to save more money amid the Coronavirus pandemic means holding yourself accountable for how you use your phone. Take advantage of your Wi-Fi before stepping out for any necessary outings. Regularly track your monthly data usage to make sure your efforts payoff.

Ting is an MVNO mobile provider that helps people save money on their cell phone bills by giving them the flexibility to only pay for the minutes, texts and data they actually use each month. They offer brand-name service for less using every major U.S. carrier except AT&T. For more helpful tips, visit

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