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COVID-19 Stories: Milling Pediatric Dentistry

COVID-19 Stories: Milling Pediatric Dentistry

How has COVID-19 affected your business or organization? And what are you currently doing differently because of it?

Due to COVID-19, the State Board of Health has mandated that all non-urgent dental treatment be postponed to prevent the spread of disease.  We are still treating our patients of record when an urgent dental need arises.  Dentistry is at a high risk of spreading this contagious disease due to the aerosols we create with our handpieces when a cavity is filled or a dental cleaning occurs.  We are following the State Board of Health’s mandate but are ready to get back to work once the mandate has been lifted.

What would you like us to share with our audience about your organization?

We are the epitome of a small business and are suffering from the mandated closure just as other small businesses are suffering.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our patients, but we must protect ourselves during this time so that we can better serve our community once the mandate is lifted. We love our patients.  We love our co-workers.  And we love what we do.  We cannot wait to see you soon!

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