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Top Disney Movies: Take a Guess at Which is the Most Popular

Top Disney Movies: Take a Guess at Which is the Most Popular

With kids home during the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s no doubt they’re currently consuming more media than they usually do. Wise parents will try to keep children engaged with learning, reading and staying active.

It might be nearly impossible, however, for a parent forced to work from home during social distancing to plan and enact enrichment exercises while simultaneously handling job responsibilities. Unfortunately, these moms and dads will sometimes need to rely heavily upon the internet and television to occupy time during these difficult days of staying-at-home.

Many of the most-watched films for kids are made by Disney; most of us grew up enjoying these beloved flicks as well. Ever wonder which Disney movies are the most popular? Today, we’ve got the answers.

British online marketplace analyzed the data about viewing habits and compiled a list of the most-viewed Disney animated classics. Read below to find out whether you guessed correctly about America’s most beloved Disney animated classic.

Here’s the Top Five 

Based upon internet searches for the film, the most popular Disney film is “The Lion King,” which garnered a whopping 94,000 internet searches per month in the United States.

It leads significantly over the second-place contender, which is “Aladdin,” for which there were 69,000 searches per month.

The third-place slot goes to “Beauty and the Beast” (36,000 searches), fourth place is “Cinderella” (19,000 searches), and the top five is rounded out by “Tarzan” (19,000 searches).

Find time to enjoy viewing these favorites as a family … and Hakuna Matata, y’all!




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