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PK Picks: Favorite At Home Activity

We asked P&K contributors what their favorites were, here are their answers. Maybe some will become your favorites, too.


There is nothing I find more relaxing and cleansing, than to rearrange a room in my house. I sit for a bit thinking, ‘this should go here, and that there’ and then I put on some music and shift things around. At the end I have a brand new room to enjoy.


I especially like creating little garden zones in my yard, each with a different personality.  My Fairy Garden has been a lot of fun this year. I started by transplanting about a four by eight spread of various mosses from shady parts of my yard.  I can post pictures.  Moss gardening is super easy because all you do is transplant and there is definitely instant gratification.  Then just keep it watered.  Another yard thing I love is creating fountains in my yard. I have three, each with a distinct sound.

Sitting on my patio

I enjoy the flowers and can watch the kids play in the backyard.


I love making new recipes.

Video Games

Taking Care of Chickens

My family and I got 10 chickens almost 2 months ago. We have had the best time playing with them. They have such personalities. We also recently planted a huge garden with a large variety of fruits and vegetables. I love seeing the progress and watching it all grow daily.

Family Reading

We read all the books of The Chronicles of Narnia and started Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Harry Potter Series are in the near future.


Random dance parties to whatever playlist is on in whatever room we happen to be in

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