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PK Picks: Favorite Cartoon/Kids Show

We asked P&K contributors what their favorites were, here are their answers. Maybe some will become your favorites, too.


“Growing up I watched a lot of Disney afternoon cartoons and the new Ducktales reboot takes all of those shows and gives them a big bear hug. It’s funny and has improved the old show in a lot of ways.”

Stream on Disney+ and on the Disney Channel.

Sherlock Gnomes

Stream on Hulu.

Scooby doo

“Both my kids love this classic show.”

Streaming on Boomerang and Amazon Prime



Stream it on Cartoon Network and Hulu

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Available to buy digitally on Amazon.


Available to buy digitally from iTunes.

Masha and the Bear

Stream on Netflix

Little Bear

It’s my all-time favorite. I’d watch it even when the kids weren’t at home. My kids have outgrown most younger children’s programming, but I miss Little Bear.

Stream on Amazon Prime.

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