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Britannica for Parents provides engaging, relevant, reliable advice for raising children

Britannica for Parents provides engaging, relevant, reliable advice for raising children


CHICAGO, April 8, 2020–Encyclopaedia Britannica today announced Britannica for Parents, a new website that provides information, resources and advice from trusted experts in child development and education.

The site aims to provide advice and guidance for parents of children of all ages. It will include the latest and most reliable research and informed advice on topics ranging from screen time and STEM learning to podcast and picture-book recommendations, tips for managing playdates and ideas for helping with homework.

“Parents around the world are looking for guidance on how to raise their children,” said Ann Gadzikowski, director of early learning at Encyclopaedia Britannica and the site’s chief editor. “The world has changed since today’s parents were growing up. They want to know: How do you deal with screen time? How do you teach children to deal with social-media pressures?  How do you to talk to them about issues around the world, like the coronavirus?”

Among the highlights:

  • The focus on reliable, up-to-date expert information will be reflected throughout the site, said Gadzikowski. Parents will see updates on new developments, columns by guest experts and get recommendations for family activities.
  • The site has special features for parents of young children in the crucial early years, from birth through age seven. Articles include choosing a preschool and how parents decide what to share about their children on social media.
  • Britannica’s editorial team has made a special effort to include urgent and valuable information about the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Features include “How to talk to children about coronavirus,” activities for families stuck at home, and advice about helping young children cope with the pandemic, by family therapist Ellen Bee.
  • It also features helpful explanations about child development and its different aspects and stages: “How Your Child Grows,” “Curious Learners,” “Tech Savvy Family,” “Raising a Human,” “Power of Play.”

“As a mom myself, I know parenting is hard work,” said Gadzikowski “We’re living at a time when it’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction online. Britannica can help by providing a safe and accurate online source for expert advice and information.”

Britannica for Parents is available now at

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