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Kroger to Limit Number of Customers Inside Stores to Help Reduce Spread of Coronavirus

Kroger to Limit Number of Customers Inside Stores to Help Reduce Spread of Coronavirus

(Gray News) – Kroger is the latest grocery chain to reduce the maximum number of customers allowed in its supermarkets.

The company will reduce its maximum customer capacity in each of its stores by 50% starting Tuesday so better social distancing practices can take place.

“Kroger’s introduction of customer capacity limits is one more way we are doing our part to flatten the curve while operating as an essential business, providing our customers with access to fresh, affordable food and products,” said Kroger senior vice president of operations Mary Ellen Adcock. “During this national pandemic, we are committed to adopting preventive measures to help protect the safety and health of our associates, customers and communities.”

Walmart and Target announced similar social distancing measures, which went into effect Saturday.

Kroger has existing technology at its stores that calculates the number of customers in real-time.

The company has also installed plexiglass partitions to protect employees, and they are encouraged to wear protective masks and gloves. Kroger has ordered masks and gloves for employees, and shipments should reach all locations by the end of the week.

Some stores are experimenting with one-way aisles to see if it is an effective social distancing strategy.

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