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Easter Egg Hunt with a Twist

Easter Egg Hunt with a Twist

If feeding your kids candy all day is not your idea of fun, but your family loves the excitement of an Easter egg hunt, here are a few creative solutions you may want to try.

Surprise Eggs

Who says it has to be candy? Be creative when filling those plastic eggs. It helps that they come in all sizes, too. Here are some things you can put inside: erasers, jewelry, small stuffed animals or other toys, cash (a quarter or a folded $1), hand-written notes with special tasks to do before opening the next egg. Examples: sing a song, do the floss dance, give your sibling a hug, hand one Easter egg from your basket to daddy, give everyone in the room a high five, etc.

Athletic Eggs

With all the yummy food that comes with Easter festivities, you’ll be glad to add this one to the fun. Fill the eggs with athletic challenges, written or printed on notes. Those challenges can be as easy or as hard as you want, as long as everyone is having fun. Examples: do 5 jumping jacks, do a pushup, run to the fence and back as fast as you can, jump on one foot to the trampoline and back, jump 5 times as far as you can, like a kangaroo, etc. The messages inside the eggs can be a mix of Athletic and Surprise ones. Use your imagination and have fun! 

Memory-making Eggs

Instead of having the children find the eggs, have them hide the eggs! No peeking, parents. While the little ones love the thrill of hunting for treasures, it is watching the grownups run across the backyard with their baskets that will bring the most giggles and produce stories to share for years. Who wouldn’t want to hear about Aunt Mindy tripping Uncle Dave to get to that purple egg first? 

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