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From Families as Allies 

“We support each other and work together to make things better for our children” ….. these are the words we use to describe the work of Families as Allies. Never have those words struck me more profoundly than this past week as news of the COVID-19 virus in Mississippi unfolded.

I am sure you are wondering, as I am, what things will be like for you and your family over the next several weeks and maybe months.

You may be worried about how to keep your job with your children being sent home from school. You may be asking yourself how in the world social distancing can ever be done with a child who may not be too prone to sitting still on their best days. The questions are many, the answers are few, and the fear and uncertainty are very real.

I am certain of this, though – Families as Allies remains more committed than ever to supporting each other and working together for our children in the face of many unknowns.

We are working remotely but you can reach us by phone (601-355-0915) or email. Watch our Facebook page and website for calls and online events that will allow families to support each other and share ideas as we all figure out the best ways to help our children (and ourselves) through the next few weeks.

For everyone’s safety and in keeping with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, we are not doing any in-person meetings or training for the next few weeks, but we will offer increased training online. I hope you will join us for our webinar, “Partnering in your Child’s Behavioral Healthcare: What Can I Do To Support My Child’s Mental Health?” on Wednesday, March 25 at noon.You can register here.

I invite those of you who provide parent to parent support in any system to join us on the third Wednesday of every month for our supportive coaching call.  You can register here.

Here are some helpful resources:

Standing together with all of you on behalf of Families as Allies – Joy Hogge.

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