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What Medical Experts Want You to Know About COVID-19

What Medical Experts Want You to Know About COVID-19

Responses from the team of medical experts and advisors for Healthline, the #1 health information site in the U.S., when asked what do you think people should know.

“I wish patients knew that they can be asymptomatic yet still have it and spread it. I wish they knew that social distancing was more about slowing the spread in the community than it is about being exposed and contracting it yourself. Many who feel they are healthy and/or are in low-risk groups aren’t taking the social distancing recommendations as seriously because they may be less concerned about contracting the virus, while the whole idea of social distancing is that by practicing it you are protecting those who are more vulnerable from being exposed.” – Matt Coward, MD FACS and Healthline Advisor

“ICU beds and ventilators are limited. Staying at home and practicing social distancing are the most important things they can do to prevent healthcare system collapse.” –Saurabh Sethi MD, MPH and Healthline Advisor

“I wish my patients knew that coronavirus is not just a ‘bad flu.’ It is a major respiratory infection that can cause detrimental health effects on people of all ages. Also, despite what some people are reporting, this is not just an illness that affects older Americans. More older Americans are dying from the coronavirus than most other age groups, but it can affect all age groups. There are a number of stories of younger patients who contracted coronavirus and died. Lastly, people need to practice social distancing and stay home. That is how we are going to get a handle on this virus.” –Alana Biggers, MD and Healthline Advisor

“I wish patients knew that it’s possible to be a carrier of the virus and transmit it to others, even if you’re asymptomatic. It is so important that we all practice social distancing, even if you consider yourself young and healthy.”-Alex Brewer, PharmD, MBA and Healthline Advisor

“As a psychologist, I have had a few patients concerned about social distancing and isolation. I have told them: “This is the one time online chat rooms and apps like Facebook may be useful outlets – just be cautious of some of the ‘advice’ you see out there.” –Timothy Legg, PhD, PsyD and Healthline Advisor

“I wish they had a better understanding of the importance of good hand hygiene. Wearing gardening gloves to the grocery store and then wiping them across your nose defeats the purpose! The less you can touch any surfaces, the better.” –Kathy W. Warwick, RD, CDE and Healthline Advisor

“As a dietitian, I would like to tell my patients how important it is to continue to eat healthy during the quarantine days of this pandemic when it’s tempting to hunker down and eat comfort foods, which can translate into junk foods. Take care of your body by eating not only what feels good but also immune-boosting foods that can help protect you from – and help fight – illness. Think fruits, non-starchy veggies, fermented foods, proteins, fatty fish and whole grains!” –Katherine  Marengo, RD, LD and Healthline Advisor

“As a fitness professional, I am reminding my clients to be more cognizant of basic hygienic protocols while at the gym. Be certain to keep their hands sanitized as well as sanitize all equipment used and surfaces one comes into contact with during the workout. Also, avoid touching one’s eyes and mouth while at the gym and, if such contact is needed, to use a sanitized wipe to do so. I am also encouraging my clients who may have compromised immune systems – such as the elderly, chemotherapy patients, and those with other health concerns – to avoid coming to the gym for the foreseeable future.” –Daniel Bubnis, MS, NASM-CPT and Healthline Advisor

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