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Jackson Academy Distance Learning Launches Monday, March 23

Jackson Academy Distance Learning Launches Monday, March 23

Jackson Academy faculty and staff have prepared this week for the launch of an effective distance learning environment for all students grades K3-twelfth that will begin Monday, March 23. Technology use in the classroom has been a priority of Jackson Academy and is now assisting the school in adapting to the challenge presented by coronavirus.  JA has four academic divisions (preschool, lower school, middle school and upper school), and each division has established a customized approach for the age group it serves.

In 2008, JA began working toward becoming an Apple one-to-one environment by providing Apple technology and training to teachers. Since that time, JA has reached 100 percent Apple Teacher certification, meaning that teachers have received specific training and met Apple’s standards for teaching using technology.

Following deployment of Apple devices and training to teachers, students were provided school-issued Apple technology, and JA became a one-to-one school in 2012. Given that background, JA’s years of preparation have made the school uniquely structured to make the best of the distance learning needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently all students from K5 through twelfth are provided a school-issued Apple device. This will become the primary method of delivering content and the expression of learning.  While this time is challenging for all schools, JA has taken the past week to prepare an online environment that will continue the educational journey of each student.  JA also offers remote technical support for all staff and students.

The Apple Distinguished School mark is reserved for Apple one-to-one schools that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments. Jackson Academy became the state’s first Apple Distinguished School in 2013, and Apple has extended that designation through 2022.


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